WorldHorseSport AG started out as a Swiss start up company with an online portal and an online magazine in German. It was addressed to an overall community counting close to 80.000 horses in Switzerland.
The site counts today around
643’000 visits  (tendency increasing rapidly every day) from all over the world; sends out monthly newsletters to 
63.770 subscribers; sends its online magazines to these subscribers as well as to
51’209 additional readers with
Worldhorsesport AG will be targeting the following markets during the first 6 months in 2012:
Argentina, Australia, China, France, Germany, Kanada, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA
The platform and its products and services (home page, newsletter, magazines) will be offered in the local language.
Majors WHS development activities in spring 2013
·         Market entry into the international market with the (Beta version is online)
·         Launch of the WHS Luxury Shop in Switzerland, including high end brands as well as the WHS own product line
          (The Beta version with more than 5000 products finished)
·         Launch of the WHS IP TV Channel with Apple TV Box compatibility (Beta Version finished)
·         Launch of the WHS in China
·         Launch of the international WHS Market Place – similar to for the horse sport industry for horses, equipment, trucks, trailers,
          properties, veterinaries, vet clinics, education
·         Launch of WHS Community similar to Asmallworld or Luxury Society
·         Launch of WHS in Argentina and the USA
Over the WHS magazines, website, IP TV Channel and newsletters, coverage of:
·         the 100 best polo tournaments worldwide
·         the 250 best jumping and dressage events worldwide
·         25 high-end and high income horse races
·         the 10 best breeding events and auctions
WHS Community:
The WHS Community will be marketed over:
·         The WHS Magazines
·         An international media campaign with the international horse sport and sports press
·         An international campaign with the luxury goods press
·         Advertising and promotion activities with leading horse and horse sport associations
·         Apple magazine store
·         Search engines, social networks (facebook, ASW, Weibo, Youku, Baidu etc.).
·         Interested users will be able to become Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Members and will be able to exchange information and socialise.
Market figures Germany
1.1 Mio horses,
1.6 Mio riders,
11 Mio horse and/or horse sport fans,
300.000 people working in this industry in over 10.000 companies/associations
Market volume: € 5 Bio/year. (Germany ONLY)
Other Markets
China 6.3.Mio horses
USA 7.1 Mio horses
Argentina: 6.2 Mio horses
UK 1.4 Mio horses
Netherlands: 0.4 Mio horses


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